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Custom Mala Beads and Jewelry

Perfectly made and personalized mala beads for your practice.

Specializing in custom mala beads and yoga jewelry.

Specializing in custom mala beads and yoga jewelry.

It is a great blessings to be part of your yoga and meditation journey. I specialize in custom mala beads and yoga jewelry specifically designed with the intention and goals of your yoga practice and meditation practice. I have been working with beads and gemstones since 1993.

I have made countless custom mala beads over the years for many meditation and yoga practitioners. I love creating new pieces that are perfectly customized to each person’s practice. I am only beginning to document my work in custom mala beads and yoga jewelry through photography. Below is a small selection of custom pieces I’ve made since June 2016. If you’d like a custom piece I would be delighted to help you. You can view some more of my work on my custom mala page.

I’ve made custom mala beads for new yoga practices, for new meditators, for new yoga teachers, for weddings, for honoring loved ones who have passed, for career goals and intentions, for trauma recovery, for health and wellness, for cancer patients, and the list goes on.

I work in over 100 healing gemstones and thousands of spiritual components, and would love to design the perfect mala beads for your yoga or meditation practice.

The cost of a custom 108 mala starts at $200, we only offer custom sizing on bracelets and are not taking custom bracelet requests any longer.

Please note, Jacqueline is currently designing a new collection, and is not taking on any custom requests until Fall 2017.

These custom mala beads were made for a yoga teacher who wanted a mala for connecting to the Divine feminine. #saltspringmalas #mycustomsaltspringmala #malabeads #yogainspiration #healinggemstones #yogaeverydamnday #yoga #yogajewelry #healingcrystals #goddess #truth #divinefeminine

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