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Wonderful shop. Took request to add quartz to make this extra special. Love it.

Daniel, Y., USA

Exactly what I asked for, exactly the right size, timely receipt for an order. Couldn’t be happier!

Cara, O., USA

This mala is beautiful- very happy with the purchase, thank you!

Kyile, S., USA

Beautiful mala beads, great work.

Danielle, R. USA

Love the item and came faster then expected! Thanks so much!

Cheska, Z., Singapore

Jacqueline, The Nectar Yoga Jewelry has arrived earlier than I expected, and I absolutely love it! Thank you so much for a beautiful piece of jewelry and the positive vibes. This has been a great transaction, and I will wear this necklace often, which indeed is crafted in peace, beauty, and centeredness. *Om mani padme hum…*


Hello Jacqueline, Much to my surprise my necklace arrived yesterday! It looks lovely. I am very pleased with how it came out with the placement of the carnelian beads and the Tibetan amulet is beautiful. Thank you so, so much

K.Q., Canada

Hello there Jacqueline, I wanted to send you an email to say that I received my mala bracelets in the mail today. Thank you so much, once again! They’re magnificent and so beautifully made… I really love them and the yellow jade is so lovely and the choices we made were the right ones!! So yes, very very happy and really grateful once again.

N.A., Australia

Thank you sooo much! My bracelet arrived today and I just placed another order. Lovely.


love this mala necklace! It is beautiful and well constructed.

J.B., France

I just received the malas today – they are absolutely beautiful! Wow! I love them – thank you so much! You can be sure that I will refer all of my friends to your site. You do excellent work! Thanks again!


I have received the mala today and it is just as I imagined! Thank you again for everything!


Thank you so much for the beautiful mala beads!! I got them today and they have made my day. I love them, especially the beautiful grey one. The little elephant is amazing too

Z.O., CanadaCustom order

I just returned home last night from a few weeks of travelling for work, and I received the beautiful mala you made for me. It is absolutely gorgeous, and I can feel the love that went into its creation.

I.Z., Canada

Thanks for the bracelets – they are beautiful!

M.A., Canada

I love my Healing Mala Bracelet, it is so comfortable to wear, I look down with a happy surprise at odd times of the day. My heart is full of your kindness. May peace, happiness and the love of life go with you always.

R.T., Australia

Thanks so much. It’s beautiful!

V.A., USACustom order

Thank you very much for my beautiful black onyx mala. You do excellent work.


First of all I just wanted to say that your designs are beautiful! I LOVE the Mala! I really appreciate you making it for me.

M.E., CanadaCustom order

t’s just beautiful, thank you so much! I’ll wear it with love. I love mine and Mum loves hers and wears it every day. Wishing you well and all things beautiful coming your way

J.T., AustraliaCustom order


M.C., CanadaCustom order

It’s beautiful, special, meaningful, thank you

C.S., USACustom order

The mala arrived today and it is marvelous! Wonderful work!!! Thanks again for the creation of this beautiful lapis lazuli wonder…


It is perfect; very elegant – thank you. I’m so pleased.

J.T., USACustom order

ust wanted to send a quick note to let you know I have received the bracelets & necklaces. My customer loved hers so much, she got one for her daughter. I LOVE the bracelet you made for me. It really is perfect. Thank you.

Retail Partner, Canada

I got my necklace today for Mother’s Day and I love it. Thank you so much for making it a little longer for me. It’s beautiful!

L.G., Canada

Thank you so much. Just received my wrist malas and I love love love them.

T.Q., Canada

The bracelet arrived yesterday, thank you so much for wrapping it like you did. It looks great. I ordered one of your chakra bracelets for my girlfriend’s birthday at the end of the month. It is perfect.


Thank you. This is gift for my daughter to wear on her wedding day – she will love all that it stands for, love, peace and purity of the heart.

Brenda, J., Canada

Thanks for getting back to me so promptly, I love it! This mala looks so beautiful.

M.C., New Zealand

I work as a teacher and my students love my bracelets and ask about them and my students know their meaning. When I put my bracelets on in the morning, I am mindful of what each one represents. The bracelets each remind me of something important that I have to remember.

K.M Canada

I wanted to thank you for the beautiful black onyx mala beads – they came today in the mail. I have been practicing yoga in the form of asana and meditation for some years, and I have come to a place where I am dedicated to deepening my practice. These beads will help to ground and guide me throughout this journey. Much gratitude to you for your creations and for sharing your peace and love.

B.H., Canada

I received the mala this weekend. It’s beautiful. Thank you once again!


Received the mala and love it. It is beautiful! Thank you for all of your help.


Thank you! This purchase was a positive experience from start to finish.


Thank you for the message. I appreciate your personal touch, understanding, and working with me to find the right gift. I’m so grateful.

K.C., USACustom order

I absolutely love my first Mala

T.Q., Canada

Thank you so much for the awesome customer service it is a pleasure to work with you.


I received the custom mala. Its beautiful. And I’m sure he is going to love it. Happy holidays.


I met Jacqueline a few years ago while attending a yoga retreat on Saltspring Island. My friend and I took an opportunity to go to her studio and explore her beautiful Mala necklaces. I instantly knew she had a special gift. Her passion and knowledge of stones, beads, intentions, and mantras made each one of her pieces so very special . I never felt rushed or pressured, she always encouraged me to get clear about what it is I needed at that particular time in my life. While I have come across many Mala necklaces and bracelets from various people far and wide I always go back to Jacqueline’s work. The commitment, thoughtfulness, power, healing, and positivity she puts into each of her pieces has had huge impacts on my life. It has allowed me to heal, move forward and start a new chapter in my life. As I wear my mala bracelets, I feel a great sense of strength and calmness. I look forward to staying connected with Jacqueline and further discovering the beauty of Malas. For anyone wanting to truly experience the healing power and the beauty of Mala’s I highly and confidently recommend connecting with Jacqueline.

Per, S., Canada

The wonderful mala you made for me arrived yesterday! I was so pleased and excited when it arrived! I am THRILLED with the outcome!!! THANK YOU so very much for the beautiful mala you made with such care and love!!!

S.S., USACustom order

I love my bracelets! Thank you so much!!! Your bracelets are really helping to keep me focused and grounding. I am absolutely in love with them and each one has an intention that I remind myself of every morning when I put them on, and each time I look down at them

K.M., Canada

I have happily received your, now my, beautiful garnet mala. For some reason knowing that it it is there and connecting me to my mantra practice even in the midst of the chaos of hospitality and service, it has helped me remember and ground myself in what I believe ... not what I see or hear, but what I hold true to my heart. So with that, in my private & personally sacred times I have chanted and sung and breathed myself in & out all whilst wearing or holding my mala ... and then quietly & proudly worn the mala to work everyday. So I just wanted you to know that your art, your gift, your practice has been heart felt appreciated by me and many others who have come in contact with it’s vibration ... so I thank you and my wish for you is that you continue making this (my experience or something much like it) possible for as many people as you are able.

Scott, M. , USA

Thank you so dearly. They love them. Thank you so very kindly for fast posting those while I was sick. You’re truly talented , will order again next time too.


Just simply amazing! Thank you so much.


I absolutely love the necklace. It is so beautiful!


Thank you Jacqueline, the mala beads have arrived and are wonderful!


I truly appreciate your immediate attention to my purchase. I look forward to buying more gorgeous things from you in the future.


I will think of your kindness every time I look at these. Thank you again. I have already given your name/email address to three people, and will use you again, often, in the future. Your kindness was so appreciated! Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy, and blessed holiday season.


I first encountered Jacqueline’s work at a yoga studio in Montgomery, Alabama. My first purchase was a heart chakra mala bracket and my collection has grown to be filled with malas for grounding and calming, healing and peace, enlightenment and tranquility. Jacqueline is kind and caring — she takes time to get to know her clients so she can provide us with malas to calm us, heal us, and guide us on our life journey. Whether you believe in the power of these stones or not, these malas will add a little magic, beauty, and joy to your life.

Rachael, A., USA

My wrap and new mala are beautiful. Thank you for both!

Sandy, T. , Canada

Oh thank you so very much Jacqueline. It is from a group of grad school girlfriends to our dear friend on her 40th birthday. We are getting together from across the country for first time in years to celebrate her. She just left a career in finance to pursue a path in healing arts. So it is a meaningful gift! Thank you! And the liberation bracelet is a self gift, to represent the completion of a year of deep healing I have experienced and am continuing. So it is not as much a rush but surely meaningful as well.On a side note, you made a custom Mala for me back in 2016 (a gift from my husband for my 40th.) it carried me through a transformation time and is one of my most beloved possessions. Thank you again.

Rebecca, D., USA

I received the original Mala I had ordered to my delight. Thank you so very much! Have a beautiful and prosperous New Year!

Laura, M., USA

I just wanted to say thank you so much for my beautiful rose mala, and for going to the trouble of delivering it to my house. It was lovely to find it on my front porch yesterday. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and hope to see your studio in 2018! With gratitude and love.

Deviani, M., Canada

You have great customer service AND beautiful jewelry. Thank you for the update and I look forward to receiving my bracelets. I appreciate you notifying me of the delay. This is another reason why I continue to do business with your company.

Susan, S., USA

I wish to thank you for the garnet/jasper Mala you made for me yesterday - it is absolutely beautiful.

Terry, M., Canada

I arrived home last night to your beautiful mala neckace - thank you from the bottom of my heart; you are so kind and lovely. I had not heard of Amazonite stones before and I like their meaning enormously and the handmade carved stone Sukhothai Buddha is exquisite. I’m so touched, Jacqueline.

Catherine R., UK

I just got home and the mala came today. It is BEAUTIFUL!!!! My wife is going to be so happy. I can’t wait to give it to her. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. You are amazing!

Jon, W., USA

Thank you so much for my mala. It is beautiful, this will help me get back focused on meditation again.

Tanya, H., USA

Thanks for the fast delivery!!! Can't believe it got here so fast! Necklace looks even better than in the pictures.

Jacques, S., USA

I bought the most beautiful custom made mala from you last year. I would like another one at the end of this summer.

Vanessa, P., Netherlands

I received the mala and it is stunning. I love it. And the smaller size is perfect. Thank you so much. I'm glad we know each other - I love following your posts on Instagram too!

Rachael, A., USA

My mala arrived today and I LOVE it! Thank you so much! to let you know that I received the necklace in the mail, and it is beautiful

Michelle, M., Canada

Thank you so so much for your thoughtfulness. I felt so listened-to & held after our conversation today, and I was very much looking forward to using these stones as a way to deal with my anxiety around decision making.

Kate, A., Canada

We received the mala bracelet in the mail today. I absolutely "LOVE" it!!! I think our son-in-law will be most pleased, it's "lovely". I am truly pleased, and hope to make further purchases from you again, I may even treat myself, sometime in the future. Thank you so much, you made my day!

Barb, B., Canada

I love the apprentice mala beads, so much that I bought a second set . I have a friend whose daughter has been sick and she was feeling overwhelmed, so I gave her my apprentice mala beads to help and protect her, which they are doing . So I thank you for the spirit and love that you add to each and every mala.

Renee, S., USA

I just wanted to let you know my hotel received the beads on Thursday and I picked them up when I got here on Friday. They are just gorgeous, a good weight and JUST what I was looking for! I can't wait to start with them during the Chopra sessions starting tomorrow morning! Thanks you so much for your help in getting them to me so quickly and for creating such a wonderful gift to myself.

Kristen, B., USA

The bracelet is just beautiful!

Susan, V., USA

Oh my gosh! I received my lovely Amazonite Mala bracelet! It is beautiful. It is perfect and cooling and harmonizing of my energies. I will be sure to tell everyone who comments on your work, where you are, what you make and the wonderful story behind our crossing paths. Wishing you every joy, with gratitude

Gillian, C., USA

You are so amazing - I got my package yesterday and lost my mind...so beautiful!! And the thought that went through the design, so perfectly me in every way.

Leanne, M., Canada

Happy New Year greetings! I wanted to let you know that my Om Mala arrived in time for Xmas and I love it thank you. It's beautifully made and of very good quality. Many thanks again for your wonderful craftsmanship.

Jan, C., USA

Everything arrived. You are amazingly generous. I never had such thoughtful Christmas presents....

David, W., Canada

I have given gifts of your malas and love my own. Your work is beautiful and full of tremendous energy. I cannot resist ordering for myself or friends!

Sarah, H., Canada

I received the mala bracelets today(koi and amethyst) and they are just beautiful. I look forward to using them.

Jackie, S., Canada

Just letting you know I received my mala yesterday and love it! It's beautiful.

Kristina, S., Canada

The beauteous mala arrived today; the first day of my vacation! Most auspicious timing! It is incredibly earthy, alive and wonderful! Thank you so very much for all of your care and attention to this lovely sacred ritual object that will be most helpful and uplifting too!

Shoshana, S., USA

I have received my mala, and it is made perfectly. I appreciate the time and care you took to create it. Thank you!

Daniel, F., USA

I adore the special mala that you made for me earlier this year, and look forward to seeing this bracelet. Bless you for your lovely work.

Marrie, H., Canada

I just wanted to touch base and say thank you so much for this absolutely beautiful piece of art. It is perfect and I'm feeling more grounded already. In a couple of weeks I'll be able to place the order for the personalize mala necklace. Thanks again you are amazing.

Lindsay, C., Canada

I just wanted to let you know how well your mala was received by my niece. It was like seeing the sun come up on her face! She loved the bag it was in, devoured the information card, and put her mala on right away. As our visit lasted several hours, she commented on how she could feel the peacefulness emanating from it. That is what I hoped it would accomplish! I did tell her that it was especially hand-made. I feel that we are all one, and what affects one affects all. So I wanted to tell you of her gratitude for the gift, and of MY gratitude to you for making it. As you know, I had ordered two of them, as I wanted one, too, and I will say that I feel the same peacefulness with it. Also love the Tendershoots mala, it is exactly the chakra I need to address! All your work is so beautiful, and I know you put your whole heart into crafting them, that is apparent from the workmanship, and also the vibe that comes through.

Frances, R., USA

My mala arrived today and I LOVE it! Thank you so much!

Michelle, M., Canada

I hope you are doing well on the beautiful west coast! I just wanted to let you know that I received the necklace in the mail, and I absolutely love it! I am wearing it right now actually!. I can't thank you enough.

Kathryn, S., Canada

Just wanted to say how much I loved my Dragon mala and the beautiful Carnelian bracelet. They are both breathtaking. I love the quality of the gemstone. They are both breathtaking. I love the quality of the gemstone. Thank you again for this wonderful pieces.

Monica, E., Canada

I received the beautiful Heart’s truth mala necklace a while ago. And I loved it!!! Its so precious. I wore it to a yoga training and all of my yoga peers loved it! I also just placed another order for a bracelet and another beautiful mala.

Michelle, E., Canada

I wanted to let you know that we received the bracelet today. The bracelet is beautiful and my daughter is very happy!

Carol, P., USA

Thank you so much for the new mala. I really appreciate your kind customer service.


I got the necklace! I love it thank youuuuu!!! Was a pleasure doing business with you:)

Julia, A., Canada

Very beautiful piece and amazing craftsmanship. Love it!

Gene, S. USA

The exquisite mala arrived today! Right on time for the internal work I am attending to in this present time. It is lovely, just the right scale and I so very much appreciate everything that went into its creation. I hope it lasts a very long time! I send you a myriad of blessings.

Shoshana, R., USA

The mala came this morning! And it is beautiful! Just what I had hoped! I love the quartz, and the rhodonite, and the silver beads as well. Please accept my thanks for getting this gorgeous mala here in time to prepare for my surgery. I need to calm down, meditate, and pray. Why is it that beauty helps with this process? But it does! Thanks so much for making this happen, and so quickly!

Judith, L., USA

I just received the mala this evening when I got back from work. I was thinking of naming her 'Blessing" because that's what came to mind when I first saw it. It is so beautiful and I feel such a reverence when I hold it... This type of rose quartz is so special; I've never seen something like it...and the Kwan Yin looks so perfect next to it. Thank you from all my heart, Jacqueline. It is very much treasured and I will send you love and gratitude every time when I will wear it.

Diana, P., Canada

Just gave the gorgeous mala to my mom today - so special, thoughtful & beautiful it brought tears to her eyes. Thank you!

Ananda, K., Canada

I just wanted to thank you so much for the mala, it arrived just on time to wear it under my robes and when I had "free" time to meditate and remember my Sangha outside the meditation hall. And somehow you were present to. May your path is full of flowers and you always walk it in beauty.

Adriana, A., USA

I love it. Thanks so much for your always prompt response I appreciate it and all the person attention that goes into your product. Which is why you will have a loyal customer in me.


I received the mala necklace and LOVE it. This is exactly what I wanted. The carnelian stones are luminous, uniformly high quality. Thank you for a beautiful piece that exceeds my expectations in every way!

Susan, M., USA

I have purchased a few mala beads as gifts from you and I absolutely love them.

Deborah, D., New Zealand

Jacqueline. I received my mala beads today!!!! Absolutely stunning and as I hoped. I am a widow and these malas bring me peace.

Maureen, M., Canada

I just wanted to let you know I received my mala beads. Thank you so much. I appreciated your excellent service.

Lori, M., Canada

Thank you for the beautiful work! I wore my Pacific Heart Mala yesterday during a very rough day and it brought me great happiness! I will wear your malas with the best of energy. You are SO talented!

Lisa, A. Canada

Super thank you! Both mala bracelets have arrived, they are beautiful.

M.P., Poland

Everything arrived and looks beautiful…thank you so much! You are an artist indeed!

Retail Partner, USA

Just wanted to say thanks again for including the how-to guide with my package. My boyfriend really loved the gift!

Shayla, R., USA

I received the gorgeous Rose Quartz Blossom Mala today and it literally took my breath away and my little girl’s was in awe too. I draped the beads around my neck right away and felt the cooling and soothing sensation to my skin and noticed the dainty touches of pearls and the silver lotus flower showing her my hand in a lotus. It is so nice to experience your Mala creation live to the touch. I will wear this proudly with an open heart full of joy being present with clarity, center, and good health, finding the goodness in each day and situation I am in. When I read your card it helped me take into heart more understanding of why I was drawn to this piece. Thank you again so much Jacqueline. I am so happy to find a way to incorporate Malas into my life.

Jennifer, L., USA

Beautiful craftsmanship, as always! Thank you for sharing these treasures with us.

Rachael, A. USA

Nice matte sort of finish to feel to these mala beads, and the choice of guru bead was really nice.

Daphnee, T., USA

I just wanted to thank you so much for making the malas for my wedding in April. They were- and are- perfect. They arrived in plenty of time for the ceremony. I wore the rose quartz and pearl mala around my wrist, Will wore his raven mala around his neck and our officiant wore the third mala (with the smoky quartz) around his neck. There were prayer flags flying all over the Quaker Meeting House where we were married, and our vows were made in the spirit of compassion, deep listening, and the promise to maintain fidelity of body, heart and spirit. The malas you made added inestimably to the sense of beauty and peace we felt that day; it truly was the happiest day of our lives. Thank you for contributing so beautifully.

Katherine, M., USA

love it! Thanks for all the extra TLC. I look forward to wearing this lovely thing and having it made special makes it even more.


Great Mala of incredible beauty. EXCELLENT SELLER!!!!

Damien, P., Italy

You are the perfect combination of fashion and compassion! I feel blessed to have come across your website. Your necklaces are true works of art but even better made with care and integrity.

Maurneen, D., Canada

"I’m coming out of a massively emotional time. As I move further away from the past few years of ache, I’m working on raising my energy, vibration and mindset to protect me and our family….always seeking strength to grow as we re-find our centers and who we were before all the pain. This mala is a part of my own personal growth through this journey. I’m excited just thinking about this beautiful mala of yours, which I hope will help me elevate and connect with my most genuine, tender self if times get difficult. I *so* admire your talent and artistry. With much gratitude"

Jen, C. USA