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Mala beads, mala necklaces, mala bracelets and yoga jewelry

Mala beads that are handmade with craftsmanship and attention to detail. Fine gemstones are the cornerstone of our malas and yoga jewelry. Significantly, the designer makes each piece in a studio on Salt Spring Island. First of all, fine components are the foundation of our malas. We specialize in artisan crafted beads. Importantly we consider metaphysics in our designs. Meditation is easy with the spacing between each bead. Most noteworthy, peace and beauty is the most important part of our work.

About mala beads, malas and Buddhist prayer beads

mala beads in use

Water Mala

Mala beads are a strand of prayer beads in a count of 108, 54, 27, or 21. We offer mala beads of craftsmanship. Especially relevant, our malas are guaranteed to last a lifetime. Since we strive for quality, we always repair our products in the rare event of breakage. As a result, our mala beads can be used for daily meditation. Importantly, we use strong wire that is supple yet durable.

There are many terms for mala beads – malas, Buddhist beads, Buddhist prayer beads. Because we are a mala design studio, we make a variety:

  • Traditional Mala Beads
  • Mala necklaces with symbolic pendants
  • Gemstone Ayurvedic malas to match your dosha.
  • Mala bead bracelets for shorter practices
  • Chakra mala bead bracelets heal the chakras.
  • Ayurvedic mala bead bracelets to match your dosha

Traditional malas

In simplest form, a closed strand with a tassel. Significantly holding 108 gemstones with summit or meru bead.

jasper mala beads

Mookatite jasper mala necklace with Durga deity

Mala Necklaces

A necklace with a pendant used for keeping count in 108 meditations is another type of mala. This type of mala is also called a yoga mala. Mala bead necklaces also help you keep count in a mantra.  Most importantly, these malas have a symbolic pendant. Almost always a sacred symbol such as the OM, lotus, deity or tree of life. In addition, a mala necklace is a good choice because it can be worn in any setting. Finally, high quality gemstones are the foundation of our mala necklaces.

Amethyst mala beads

These mala beads are excellent for pacifying the vata dosha.

Ayurvedic Mala Beads

We have yoga malas made from gemstones to match the doshas. In contrast to the other mala beads, these combine gemstones with the appropriate metals for  ayurvedic dosha balance. Another way to address dosha imbalance. Importantly, the gemstones used in mala beads for pitta are cooling. In contrast, the the components for Kapha are heating. In addition, the gemstones used for Vata are grounding.

Mala bead bracelets, wrist malas, Buddhist bracelets

apatite mala bracelets

Mala Bead Bracelets include sacred symbols

Mala Beads used for keeping count in 21 or 27 meditations. This type of mala is also called a Buddhist Bracelet or Wrist mala. Also called a yoga bracelet. These mala beads help you keep count in a shorter mantra. Furthermore, useful for wearing in activities off the mat. Buddhist Bracelets have counters at 7. Yoga bracelets made to last and move with you.

High quality gemstones are the foundation of our mala bracelets. A sacred symbol is the finishing touch to these bracelets. Finally, we use strong stretch cord that is supple yet durable.

chakra mala beads

Chakra Mala Bracelet for Throat

Chakra Mala Bracelets

These bracelets balance the energy body. Stretchy and flexible, another bracelet to wear in yoga class. Furthermore, people wear chakra bracelets during healing sessions. Above all, each bracelet includes a Sanskrit chakra symbol. As well, these bracelets are popular for healers to wear during client work.

Ayurvedic Mala Bracelets

aquamarine mala beads

Winter Mala Bracelet for balancing pitta

Ayurvedic bracelets match the doshas with gemstones. Also, used for keeping count in short meditations. Unlike the other mala bracelets, these combine gemstones with the appropriate metals for  ayurvedic dosha balance. In addition, this mala is best for addressing imbalance. You can wear Ayurvedic bracelets to keep your affirmation with you.

Likewise, high quality gemstones are the foundation of our Ayurvedic bracelets. Due to element considerations, Pitta, Vata, and Kapha require different gemstones.

Yoga Jewelry

yoga jewelry

Symbolic yoga jewelry

Yoga jewelry includes rings, earrings, and necklaces. In addition, all of our yoga jewelry includes sacred symbols or gemstones. Yoga jewelry is a great way to add the healing properties to your practice. Indeed, all yoga rings include symbols like the lotus, OM, or serpent. While yoga earrings include healing gemstones. Because if this, yoga earrings bring your yoga practice into everyday wear. Significantly, our yoga earrings are 24k gold plated or sterling silver. High grade gemstones. Unlike mala necklaces, this allows you to wear your intentions in a subtle piece of jewelry.

Custom Malas, Mala Beads, and Yoga Jewelry

Significantly, we have made thousands of malas for thousands of practitioners. Consequently, you can browse our library for ideas for your custom piece. Please note, at this time we are only doing custom work for private labels.

Wholesale Mala Beads

Finally, we offer a limited selection of mala beads for wholesale purchase. We no longer offer drop shipping. All of our work is limited edition from rare components.

On Salt Spring Island

In addition, our showroom is open every week. While most mala companies import from overseas, we make all of our products by hand in an artisan tradition. Our showroom features one of a kind pieces not offered for sale elsewhere. Current hours are Thursday – Sunday 12 – 4pm, or by appointment. Furthermore, we are now Studio 26 on the Salt Spring Studio Tour.

Especially relevant, all online pricing is in US Dollars.

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