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Fireside Meditation

meditation practice

A great meditation practice for the winter

We are in the last days of winter. On Salt Spring Island we live with wood stove heat, and practice yoga daily near the fireside to keep warm. Furthermore, this is my favorite winter meditation practice. Finally, it focuses on Agni within and outside of the body.

Meditation on Agni

Agni, is the Sanskrit word for fire, and is the Vedic God of fire.  Within the body, the agni is the internal heat, or the pranic fire. Importantly, in Ayurveda the concept of agni is critical to our overall health. Agni is a force of prana within the body that determines which substances enter our cells and tissues, and which substances should be removed as waste. As such, agni is the gate keeper of life, it governs transformation, heat, metabolism, digestion, strength, vitality, mental clarity, joy, contentment, courage, confidence, zest for life, reason, stability, and longevity. Yoga practices to build heat in the body aid with strengthening immunity, finding joy for living, and enable a sense of vitality. Finally, this meditation focuses on heat outside of and inside of the body.

Meditation Practice

This is a great meditation to refocus the mind and appreciate the warmth in simple things. Notably, it is excellent for the start or end of your day.

  • Sit near a fireside in a safe spot and take 10 deep breaths. If you don’t have a fireside, light a bright beautiful candle.
  • Pay attention to the glow of the warmth from the fire or flame, sense where you feel the heat on your skin
  • Where do you feel points of heat in the body?
  • Where do you feel points of coolness in the body?
  • Watch the flicker of the flames and allow the mind to rest
  • If thoughts arise, imagine them dissolving in the flame, let them go
  • Sit for 10 minutes

Mala for this Meditation

Finally, I recommend holding contrasting mala beads for this practice. Aquamarine mala beads stay cool, even when near a heat source. If you hold an aquamarine mala in the palms of your hands during this practice, it can help in observing the contrast between coolness and heat.

Yoga Diet - Winter Baked Pasta

A great hearty healthy meal to get through the last days of winter

This yoga diet meal is a hearty, warming, delicious dish that is ready in 55 minutes and offers great left overs. Importantly, we are getting through the last days of winter at the studio. One of our favorite foods this time …

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Ayurvedic Recipe - Pitta Apple Crubmble

I love this Ayurvedic recipe. In the fall we have so many apples on Salt Spring Island. I make this recipe throughout the winter. Importantly, you can use any kind of apple, but I like royal gala apples best. Furthermore, this is great for the pitta dosha. Moreover, it is packed with protein and it …

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Tiger Eye Gemstones for the Holidays

Tiger eye gemstones are excellent for the holiday season

Why Tiger Eye Gemstones are best for the Holidays

Are you looking for a gemstone to keep you balanced? Optimistic? Fully present for the joy and peace of the holiday season? Tiger eye gemstones are perfect for this time of year. They offer balance, wellness, …

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Mantras for Your Mala Beads

Deva Premal and Miten offer 21 days of mantra meditations which can be used with your mala beads.

During the holidays it can sometimes feel impossible to spend 1 hour a day on your practice. Why not try a mantra meditation practice? A mantra practice allows you to sit for 15 minutes. It also …

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Lotus Mudra

Mudras hand positions in yoga. Each part of the hand has a connection to specific part of the brain. A Mudra locks and guides energy flow.


Mudras are hand positions in yoga. Each area of the hand has a respective area in the brain. It is believed that practicing mudras helps guide energy …

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Meditation to Attract Abundance

Abundance comes in many forms including time, energy, creativity, love, and prosperity.

Begin: Take 3 big deep breaths in through your nose, and out through your nose, fill your lungs and belly with breath and release full breaths.

Remember: Abundance comes in many ways including more time, energy, ideas, love, and prosperity.

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Mala Beads and Yoga to Attract Abundance

Yoga Practice and gemstone Mala Beads dedicated to Lakshmi.

Lakshmi Yoga Practice – Attract Abundance

In Hinduism, Lakshmi is a symbol of beauty, wealth and good fortune. She is said to bring spiritual and material wealth and abundance to her devotees. This Goddess symbolizes strength, wisdom, and gentle benevolence. This yoga practice is designed …

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Broken Mala Beads - Karma? or Quality?

Should broken mala beads be fixed or is it time to let them go?

What should you do when your mala breaks?

Some say that the breaking of a mala is symbolic of a breakthrough in karma. The idea that your mala breaking connects to breaking a karmic cycle, opening the opportunity for you …

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Goddess Gemstones – How to Pick Divine Feminine Mala Beads and Yoga Jewelry

Green Tara mala beads box and shrine kit. Amazonite for connecting to the Divine Feminine.

Moonstone, aquamarine, amazonite, and crysocolla have been used since time immemorial to call in the Divine Feminine.

Moonstone has been a clear connection to the enchantment of the moon since ancient times. Connected with the feminine, moonstone deepens one’s …

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