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Lotus Mudra

Mudras hand positions in yoga. Each part of the hand has a connection to specific part of the brain. A Mudra locks and guides energy flow.

Mudras hand positions in yoga. Each part of the hand has a connection to specific part of the brain. A Mudra locks and guides energy flow.


Mudras are hand positions in yoga. Each area of the hand has a respective area in the brain. It is believed that practicing mudras helps guide energy flow, linking the individual with the life force of the universe, prana or chi.


  • Grounding
  • Opens the heart to joy
  • Releases tension
  • Opens the body to beauty and grace
  • Opens the heart to love
  • Excellent for easing loneliness, fatigue, and over-giving


The Lotus Mudra is the mudra of abundance. It is symbolic of the opening the lotus. The lotus flower is the symbol of transformation. A flower which grows deep in the mud to emerge as a beautiful flower, the lotus represents that even in muddy waters beauty emerges. The lotus is a strong symbol of beauty emerging from darkness. This mudra is also used to open the heart chakra. This mudra reminds us to stay connected to our roots and open to the light.

How to do the Lotus Mudra

  • Sit in easy pose.
  • Bring the base of the palms together at the heart centre
  • Touch thumbs and pinky fingers together
  • Spread the rest of the fingers out like the lotus flower
  • Close your eyes
  • Take 10 deep long full in-breaths and out-breaths

If you love the lotus symbol, check out our mala beads and yoga jewelry that feature this beautiful symbol of purity and transformation.

Meditation to Attract Abundance

Abundance comes in many forms including time, energy, creativity, love, and prosperity.

Begin: Take 3 big deep breaths in through your nose, and out through your nose, fill your lungs and belly with breath and release full breaths.

Remember: Abundance comes in many ways including more time, energy, ideas, love, and prosperity.

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Mala Beads and Yoga to Attract Abundance

Yoga Practice and gemstone Mala Beads dedicated to Lakshmi.

Lakshmi Yoga Practice – Attract Abundance

In Hinduism, Lakshmi is a symbol of beauty, wealth and good fortune. She is said to bring spiritual and material wealth and abundance to her devotees. This Goddess symbolizes strength, wisdom, and gentle benevolence. This yoga practice is designed …

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Broken Mala Beads - Karma? or Quality?

Should broken mala beads be fixed or is it time to let them go?

What should you do when your mala breaks?

Some say that the breaking of a mala is symbolic of a breakthrough in karma. The idea that your mala breaking connects to breaking a karmic cycle, opening the opportunity for you …

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Goddess Gemstones – How to Pick Divine Feminine Mala Beads and Yoga Jewelry

Green Tara mala beads box and shrine kit. Amazonite for connecting to the Divine Feminine.

Moonstone, aquamarine, amazonite, and crysocolla have been used since time immemorial to call in the Divine Feminine.

Moonstone has been a clear connection to the enchantment of the moon since ancient times. Connected with the feminine, moonstone deepens one’s …

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Mala Beads in Honor of Goddess Deities

Symbol of love, regeneration, intuition, creativity and life-giving energies of the universe.

Both Buddhism and Hinduism hold a central place in prayer and worship for female forces that animate in the world. The goddess is believed to reside in everyone, representing the feminine aspect of our energy. The spirit, power and beauty of the …

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Yin Yoga - Tap into Feminine Energy

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga offers anyone the chance to receive the full introspective and relaxing benefits of yoga without the physical exertion of a Hatha yoga practice. Poses are held for 2-5 minutes, allowing for moderate stress, to open the body to allow for release. It is a slow-paced yoga style, where meditation, awareness, and inner silence …

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Significance of 108 Mala Beads

Mala Beads – Why are there 108? Have you ever wondered why 108 is such a special number in the spiritual world? Why does a mala have 108 mala beads?

108 is a number signifying spiritual completion rooted in the ancient Indian scriptures known as the Vedas, which date back some time between 1500 …

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Diwali ~ Festival of Light

November 11 marks the annual Indian festival of light over dark.

Diwali (or Deepavali, the “festival of light”) is a Hindu festival celebrated in autumn (northern hemisphere) annually. Diwali is by far the biggest and the brightest festival in India. It is as important to Hindus as the Christmas holidays are to Christians. The …

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Behind the Design: Awakening Mala

An in-depth look at how our design process support us in our personal journey.

During the time this piece was inspired into fruition (July 2015), I was working on harmonizing my heart and throat chakras while working actively with a meditation by Lilian Eden for communicating entitled Unspoken: Breaking the Silence, to gain confidence in …

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