Mala Bracelets

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Mala bracelets are our specialty. Mala bracelets are excellent for shorter meditations. In addition, you can use mala bracelets as worry beads. This page features our active stock. Importantly, these mala beads can be used for keeping count in 21 or 27 meditations. This type of mala is also called a Buddhist Bracelet or Wrist mala. Also called a yoga bracelet. These mala beads will help you keep count in a shorter mantra. Furthermore, these bracelets are useful for wearing in activities off the mat. Finally, a sacred symbol from yoga or Buddhism is the finishing touch to these bracelets.

Quality Guarantee

High quality gemstones are the foundation of our bracelets. Finally, we use strong stretch cord that is supple yet durable. Significantly, we offer free repairs in the rare event of breakage. Importantly, all bracelets can be made in custom sizes. If you have a custom request, please contact me. These yoga bracelets made to last and move with you.