wholesale malas

wholesale mala beads for your retail space

Yes, we have designs on offer for wholesale mala beads. Wholesale accounts are available at this time. Please contact me if you are interested in carrying our line in your retail shop.

We have partnered with a range of retailers, including yoga studios, ashrams, retail stores, yoga retreats, and wellness spas who are looking for high quality, unique, and fashionable mala beads for their clientele. We ship worldwide, and have retail partners across North America and Europe.

hand made mala beads, seller kits, and a product guarantee

Our mala beads are hand made to order in our studio located on Salt Spring Island. High quality craftsmanship and premium quality components are used in all of our designs. We make our pieces with attention to fine detail and with utmost care. All wholesale mala beads come with a selling kit which includes note cards explaining the properties of the mala beads, mala bags, and mantra cards. We also stand by our products. In the rare event that one of our pieces breaks, the customer can send it back to us to be repaired. Our malas are signed by the designer to ensure that they are originals and from our studio. Finally, we offer support and education for using mala beads in practice.

wholesale mala beads
mala beads in use

support for selling our mala beads

In terms of support, all retail partners are added to the ‘our locations‘ section of the Salt Spring Malas website to help customers find you, and we also offer social media advertising for all wholesale clients. We also regularly support our retail partners upon request in donating products for fundraisers and yoga or meditation events.

Please contact us to apply for a wholesale account. We would love to hear from you and offer you support in selling our high-end mala beads.

Finally, please note, we have a minimum order quantity and you must be a retailer to receive a discount.