opal mala bracelet stack

what are mala bracelets?

Mala bracelets are made from traditional round mala beads. They can be used for a shorter meditation, often with the goal of reaching 108 sit throughout the day. These bracelets can also be layered to signify new goals and accomplishments, and to represent the steps on one’s personal spiritual journey. Mala beads are often used to keep track of breath work when practicing pranayama as well. A beautiful accessory to wear and enjoy, mala bracelets are historically based in Hindu or Buddhist culture, but can be used by anyone who wishes to achieve mindfulness, focus and relaxation. These bracelets are created with gemstones chosen for their beauty and color, as well as individual intentions to help develop and affirm the user’s mantra.

choosing your mala bracelet

mala bracelets in amazonite and green kyanite

Mala beads can be chosen based on any number of intentions and should be selected with your objectives for meditation in mind. You may be hoping to gain abundance or confidence or be in search of energy for inner strength. Whatever your goals, your mala will align with the stage you are at in life and help you to more consciously pursue the positive while becoming aware of any negative influences. It may seem like a difficult task to choose a mala bracelet that suits your needs, but rest assured that there are no wrong choices. We always recommend following your intuition when selecting a bracelet for your practice. Mala bracelets help you to enrich your meditation practice and focus on your personal intentions. If you need assistance, we are here to guide you towards options that will be meaningful and significant to you. We are pleased to offer a mala bracelet consultation to help pick a mala bracelet that will be as individual as you are. Contact the designer at anytime!

how to use a mala bracelet

In both Buddhism and Hinduism it is believed that we are able to purify karma through the repetition of mantra. As such, Mala bracelets are used during the practice of meditation to allow you to focus on your goals and bring positive energy into your life. To use it, start at the guru bead, and work your way around the bracelet, counting each bead with your thumb as you go along. Recite your mantra at each bead, and pause for reflection when you reach the guru bead. Like the mala beads, your guru bead is chosen with your own values and goals in mind, so take a moment to think about its significance to you, your joy in meditation and your own accomplishments with meditation. It’s a peaceful way to focus on mindfulness and centeredness in your life.

how do I choose a mantra?

Chanting a mantra allows for spiritual transcendence by freeing the mind and focusing on a conscious state. Mantra is also an ancient technique of pranayama, as controlling the breath is a central part of yoga practice. It has been proven that the differing sounds of mantra are measured at various hertz frequencies, and that they affect distinctive areas within the brain. To this end, a person’s mantra should reflect their current goals in order to bring positivity and healing to the mind, body and soul. Many mantras are derived from Buddhism or Hinduism, but not all mantras need to be traditional. Your mantra simply needs to be something that is meaningful to you and your intentions. Choosing something that is central in your life right now and to the direction you want to take for your personal growth is key to a successful mantra.

our mala bracelets

We are proud to create beautiful and unique mala bracelets from quality gemstones and sturdy materials that are guaranteed to last. They are designed and strung by hand in our studio on Salt Spring Island, made with care in a peaceful environment that promotes tranquility and restfulness. We pride ourselves on our exceptional craftsmanship and are pleased to offer our stunning pieces for our customers to use and enjoy.