Kwan Yin Mala Necklace


The Kwan Yin Mala Necklace is made from 108 moonstone mala beads. Gorgeous handcrafted Kwan Yin guru.

This Mala is best for:
Connection to the Divine Feminine, patience, perseverance, and love

Recommended Mantra:

Om Mani Padme Hum


Sacral Chakra and Crown Chakra

Designer Notes:

Kwan Yin is the female bodhisattva in Buddhism representing the Divine feminine and compassion. She is matched with moonstone for its feminine and gentle qualities. Sterling silver and hand-curated fine quality moonstone.

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About The Healing and Meditative Powers of Kwan Yin

This mala dedicated to Kwan Yin offers an energy of patience and tranquility. These mala beads can be used for meditations to connect to the Divine Feminine. This female bodhisattva is associated with compassion and ease in Buddhism. Significantly, Kwan Yin matches the energy of moonstone elegantly. Moonstone is a stone for patience, perseverance, and intuition. Specifically, this mala is crafted with a rare handcrafted pendant made of fine clay.  Finally, this mala is excellent for opening the sacral and crown chakra.

Kwan Yin is the goddess of gentleness, nourishment, kindness, love and light towards oneself and others. Call on her energy when loving kindness towards yourself and others is required. She teaches us to release shame and guilt and heal with forgiveness and love.

About Moonstone Mala Beads

Moonstone is excellent for connecting to feminine energy and female cycles. It is the gemstone of the moon goddess and associate with love. It is also excellent to use when your intuition needs to be trusted. Significantly, this gemstone will assist you in becoming more patient and more forgiving. In combination with the recommend mantra, you will feel empowered to gently persevere through difficulty. Furthermore, this gemstone is considered an ultimate women’s gemstone and as such is excellent for all meditations dedicated to feminine deities . It resonates well with women, who require connection to natural cycles and rhythms whether emotionally or physically.  Finally, this gemstone is useful for inviting positive gentle energy into your life and for trusting your inner guidance.

It is recommended that you cleanse and charge your mala four times a year. To cleanse this mala spray it lightly with spring water and allow it to air dry. Recharge the energy of this mala at night under a full moon. Importantly, leave moonstone outside from moonrise to moonset for a full recharge.

When to Choose a Kwan Yin Mala?

We recommend these mala beads during trying times. The patient energy and calm energy of Kwan Yin and moonstone are excellent for challenging times. Kwan Yin reminds us to always be gentle, patient and compassionate. She represents the fertility of the Goddess, the female as the source and sustenance of all things. Her cupped hands often form the Yoni Mudra, symbolizing the womb as the door for entry to this world through the universal female. Moonstone brings forward this natural yin energy. Further to this, this mala will add calmness and invite you to choose the path of least resistance.  Finally, moonstone is the best gemstone for yin energy.

Mantra for Working with this Kwan Yin Mala

Om Mani Padme Hum

Buddhist mythology recounts that Kwan Yin was born from a ray of light that sprang from Amitabha Buddha’s right eye. He immediately said, “Om Mani Padme Hum”. As such, Om Mani Padme Hum is the primary mantra associate with Kwan Yin. One interpretation states, that this Sanskrit Mantra translates to ‘Om! Hail to the Jewel in the Lotus’. Also, a beautiful version of this mantra is available by Deva Premal and Miten. Finally, this mantra is perfect for working with moonstone mala beads as it invokes a mantra for gentle awakening.

Product Dimensions

Number of Mala Beads: 108
Meditation Marker Beads: 2, at 27 and 27
Size of Mala Beads: 8 mm
Length: 20″
Full Width: 1″
Sacred Guru: 3″
Gemstones: Moonstone
Metal: Sterling Silver
Product ID: 0703182

Also, each mala comes with a soft cloth jewelry pouch to protect your mala from abrasive objects of a pearl storage quality. Use the mala bag provided for optimal storage and care. A note card explaining the properties of the mala beads is also included.

About the Mala Design

This is part of the Spring 2018 collection. I selected this gorgeous Kwan Yin pendant to match the energy of moonstone. Within it, we find the lovely flashes of blue and an iridescence. Moonstone absorbs the powers of the moon, and its color will be deeper when its energy is stronger.  Significantly, this moonstone charged during the two full moons of January 2018.  This mala is an expression of the Divine Feminine in both symbolism and energy.  The Kwan Yin is a limited edition piece held in my collection of Buddhist deities. In addition, I used hints of sterling silver and subtle sandalwood to add a layer of depth to the design. Finally, sandalwood is a traditional mala material that calms the nervous system.

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