Mudra Mala Beads

The Mudra Mala is made from 108 AAA grade aquamarine mala beads. Antiqued filigree beads are added for color. It is completed with an artisan crafted silver plated filigree open palm. Edition 4 of 4.

This Mala is best for:
Cooling, Calming, Soothing, and Peace



Mudra Mala – 108 Aquamarine Mala Beads – Limited Edition – 4/4

This peaceful mala is made from 108 blue AAA grade aquamarine mala beads. This gemstone makes these mala beads excellent for calming, soothing, and peace. These Buddhist prayer beads can be used in meditations that focus on calming.  Antiqued silver is used to bring our the detailing of the guru. A lovely artisan crafted lotus pendant from the Himalayas is used as the guru.

Gemstone aquamarine has water as its core element, making it an ideal mala for soothing and cooling. Meditation with aquamarine can help develop a better a sense of calm and peace.  We recommend this mala necklace for anyone whose yoga practice focuses on calming.

The sacred guru bead is an artisan crafted sterling silver filigree open palm and intricate filigree bead. It is light to wear and gives the piece an elegant focus point. It has a textured finish and is calming to touch.

This mala makes a lovely Buddhist mala necklace or wrapped bracelet off the mat. Keep it with you throughout the day as a reminder of your intentions and practice.

This mala necklace comes with a lovely hand embroidered mala bag. A note card explaining the properties of the mala beads is also included.

Product Dimensions

Number of Mala Beads: 108
Meditation Marker Beads: 2, at 21 and 21
Size of Mala Beads: 8 mm
Full Hanging Length: 20″
Full Width: 1″
Sacred Guru: 1″
Gemstones: Aquamarine

About the Mala Necklace Design

The design of this mala was inspired by the cooling impacts of Shitali Pranayama.  The stones were selected deliberately for their ability to improve soothing. The guru bead is a lovely lotus. It is well proportioned with the mala beads, and it offers a lovely focus point. The mala beads are strung on premium string. The colors of this mala are clear and uplifting. Adequate spacing is given between each stone for ease of use during meditation.

We wish you peace and enlightenment as you go forward in deepening your practice.

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