Shiva Yoga Earrings

The Shiva Yoga Earrings are made from eye of shiva shells. Sterling silver is used to enhance the color of these elegant earrings.

This yoga jewelry is best for:
Being intuitive, open to multidimensional awareness, and deepening awareness of the self.


Shiva Yoga Earrings – Eye of Shiva Shells and Sterling Silver

These lovely earrings are made with eye of shiva healing shells. These shells makes these earrings excellent for opening the third eye, transmuting negative energy, connecting to cosmic oneness, and sharpening intuition. These yoga intention earrings can be used to mindfully focus on staying intuitive, open to multidimensional awareness, and deepening awareness of the self. Sterling silver is used to bring out the delicate luminescence  of the shells.

Shiva Shell is believed to improve the ability to see beyond the material plane and is believe to expand awareness. Wearing eye of shiva shells can help develop a strong intuition. We recommend these earrings for anyone whose yoga practice focuses on opening the third eye. The spiral in the center is a Fibonacci sequence, and represents the numbers underlying all of life.

These serene earrings are light to wear with an elegant focus point. The shells are calming to touch.

An elegant piece of yoga jewelry that can be worn on or off the mat. Keep it with you throughout the day as a reminder of your intentions and yoga practice.

Product Dimensions

Length of Earrings: 1.5″ approximate
Style: Modern Elegant, Boho Chic
Gemstones: Eye of Shiva Shell

About the Yoga Earrings Design

The design of these lovely earrings was made during the summer solstice of 2016. The stones were selected deliberately for their ability to improve inner seeing and knowing. The focal bead is an eye of shiva shell. It is well proportioned, and it offers an elegant focus point. Made with the highest quality components in 0.925 sterling silver. The colors of these yoga earrings are clear, pretty, and elegant. Excellent for mindful attention to your yoga intentions and affirmations. To learn more about gemstones please visit the works of Robert Simmons.

We wish you peace and enlightenment as you go forward in deepening your practice.

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