Wellness Mens Mala Bracelet


A grade dragon blood jasper and bronzite for a mala bracelet that supports vitality, life force, and protection

This Mens Mala is best for:
Vitality, life force, wellness, protection, establishing new healthy patterns, and deflecting negative energy

Recommended Mantra:

Om Tryambaka Mantra


Heart Chakra

Designer Notes:

Absolutely stunning A grade dragon blood jasper, only found in Western Australia, with deep earth tones and excellent depths of red.

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About The Energetic and Meditative Powers of Dragon Blood Jasper

This mens mala bracelet stack features stunning A grade dragon blood jasper. These mala bracelets can be used for meditations to feel an enhanced sense of life force and improved vitality. Dragon Blood Jasper is part of the quartz family. Dragon blood jasper is only found in Western Australia. High grade dragon blood jasper features a matrix of colors including deep red within dark green, which occur naturally.  Significantly, local legend claims that it the stone preserves the blood of ancient dragons . As a gemstone for meditation, dragon blood jasper offers an energy of strength and protection. Dragon blood jasper opens the heart chakra.  Specifically, the guru bead in this mens mala bracelet is a bronze capped bronzite mala bead. Bronzite is also an excellent gemstone for protection. Finally, bronzite provides the ability to resolve unsettled emotions in our life.

About Dragon Blood Jasper Mala Beads and Bronzite Mala Beads

Dragon blood jasper grounds energy through the heart chakra. As such, it provides a sense of stability, wellness, and overall strength.  As a gemstone of protection, it forms a barrier between the wearer and negative energies, bringing more energy into the auric field and preventing drainage of vital life force energy. Dragon blood jasper is useful for connecting to love, gentleness, compassion, and forgiveness. In meditation, it is most useful when focused on love and wellness. It is recommended for spiritual purification. It is also useful when one is in recovery from illness. Importantly, it is most powerful when establishing healthy patterns for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Bronzite compliments the dragon blood and highlight the stunning earth tones that naturally occur in a higher grade dragon blood. Energetically, bronzite harmonizes with the dragon blood jasper by offering an energy of protection. Bronzite is the only gemstone that entirely deflect negative energy back onto the person projecting it. Also, a gemstone of courage that gives the wearer the confidence to act on thoughts and feelings and trust his inner guidance. Finally, bronzite is a gemstone of destiny and is believed to lend the courage to follow through with life decisions.

You should cleanse and charge your mala bracelet four times a year. To cleanse this mala place it in a bowl of dry rice for 3 nights. Recharge the energy of this mala bracelet by placing it in a fabric bag and burring it in earth.

When to Choose this Mens Mala Bracelet?

This mens mala bracelet is ideal when you need courage and faith to be well again. It will allow you to stay committed to health and wellness, as well as adopt patterns that serve your true life’s purpose. The protective and grounding energies of the gemstones in this mens mala bracelet will allow you to heal the heart center while restoring faith in you resilience and ability to make heart centered decisions. In combination with the mantra, you will feel a renewed sense of vitality. Finally, the recommended mantra for this mens mala bracelet is linked to the energy of health and well being.

Mantra for Working with the Wellness Mala Bracelet

Om Tryambaka Mantra or Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra

This is a poweful mantra used when overcoming fear is necessary. It is a “life-restoring” mantra, as it was a component of the “life-restoring” practice given to the primordial sage Sukracharya after he had completed an exhausting period of austerity. According to the Vedas it is beneficial for mental, emotional and physical health and bestows longevity and immortality.

Regular use of this mantra is excellent if you want to renew your energies and feel protected.  Also, many versions of this mantra are available at Meditative Mind. Finally, this mantra is perfect for working with dragon blood jasper and bronzite for a sense of wellness and peace.

Product Dimensions

Number of Mala Beads: 23
Meditation Marker Beads: none
Size of Mala Beads: 8 mm
Length: 8″
Gemstones: Dragon Blood Jasper and Bronzite
Metal: Brass
Product ID: 280520181

Also, each mala comes with a soft cloth jewelry pouch to protect your mala from abrasive objects of a pearl storage quality. Use the mala bag provided for optimal storage and care. A note card explaining the properties of the mala beads is also included.

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