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Mala Beads for Common New Year’s Resolutions

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Happy New Year! We are one week into 2014, and if you have set New Year’s Resolutions now is a great time to check in and make sure you are on track with your intentions for 2014. Staying aware and keeping your resolutions at the top of your mind can help you stay committed to keeping to the promises you’ve made to yourself for 2014. According to USA Today, the most common New Year’s resolutions include loosing weight, volunteering to help other, quitting smoking, eating healthy, drinking less, saving money, paying debt, getting a better job, and managing stress. There are many wonderful gemstone mala beads that align with these intentions and resolutions. Here we will look at some of the most common New Year’s Resolutions and the mala beads that can help keep you focused on your intentions as you work through your goals for 2014.

Mala Beads for Weight Loss, Getting Fit, and Weight Management

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to loose weight. Many people try to loose extra pounds by joining the gym, establishing a new fitness program, and changing their diet. However, this goal can be challenging to stay committed to as life gets out of balance and other commitments arise. If you practice yoga or meditation, and you want to keep your mind focused on the goal of weight loss and management, black onyx mala beads are the best choice. Black onyx is a gemstone of stamina, endurance, physical strength, persistence, determination and will power. Since classical times, black onyx has been a gemstone of strength, and was often engraved with an image of Hercules. Black onyx aids in grounding and supporting the health of the first chakra, and as such can aid with weight loss and weight management especially where weight concerns are located in emotional trauma to the root chakra. As a gemstone that can help one to control, focus and direct the will, black onyx mala beads can aid in staying committed to a new fitness program. Mala beads such as the Warrior Mala Necklace, Song Mala Necklace, Stamina Mala Bracelet, and Perception Mala Bracelet, are made from black onyx mala beads. If doing more yoga is one of your fitness resolutions, My Yoga Online has a great 21 day Get Stronger, Be Calm Challenge.

Mala Beads for Volunteering to Help Others

Another popular New Year’s resolution is to help others through volunteering, being kinder to people, being more active socialy, and having a deeper sense of compassion. In order to deepen compassion and stay motivated to stay open to other people, having a balanced heart chakra is essential. The heart energy centre is where we connect to all other beings and all of life. If you are looking to maintain balance in your heart, to keep you open to loving others, and to keep your actions aligned with compassion, jade mala beads are the best choice.  Jade, especially green jade which is the color of the heart chakra, is a gemstone of love, friendship, and luck. Jade is believed to help the wearer respond gently and with compassion to those who are being difficult. As a gemstone that can help heal the heart and open compassion, jade mala beads can aid in the goals of helping others, being kinder, being more social, and developing a compassionate approach to others. Mala beads such as the Heart Chakra Mala Bracelet, Chi Mala Bracelet, and Happiness Mala Bracelet are made from jade mala beads.

Mala Beads for Addiction

At the turn of a new year it is also very common to commit to battling addictions. For many, quitting smoking is a major goal which is exceptionally hard. Drinking less is also a major goal that many people commit to. Recovering from substance addiction is a challenging task that requires emotional support and often is done in conjunction with a program. Other addictions that people might try to curb include sugar addiction or food addiction. Amethyst is considered a gemstone that aids in the release of bad habits and addictions. The use of amethyst as a healing gemstone to curb additions dates back to the Ancient Greece, where it was believed that amethyst was effective against drunkeness. The name amethyst comes from the Greek word amethustos, which means not to be drunk. If you are looking to purify, release addiction, clear negative emotional patterns, cub overindulgence, and give up bad habits, amethyst mala beads can help you keep your affirmation with you. Mala beads such as the Ayurvedic Purification Mala, Clarity Mala Neckalce, Devotion Mala Beads, and Wisdom Mala Bracelet, are made from amethyst mala beads.

Mala Beads for Abundance and Prosperity

Finally setting financial goals and turning one’s attention to improving prosperity is another goal that people often set in the new year. To order to invite in financial prosperity and to reduce the collapsing feeling that scarcity can bring into the energy body, it can help to refocus the mind on abundance in all of its forms: financial, friendship, home, culture, life, and nature. An excellent meditation for this practice of mindfulness for abundance is offered on YogaGlo.  Green aventurine is considered a gemstone that aids in attracting abundance, good fortune, and prosperity. If you are looking to  increase optimism, attract good fortune, and manifest greater prosperity, green aventurine mala beads can help you keep yourself open to abundance. Mala beads such as the Prosperity Mala Bracelet and the Life Mala Bracelet, are made from green aventurine mala beads.

No matter what your New Year’s Resolutions are, we wish you a wonderful, healthy, happy, and abundant 2014.