meditation and mala beads

Abundance comes in many forms including time, energy, creativity, love, and prosperity.

Begin: Take 3 big deep breaths in through your nose, and out through your nose, fill your lungs and belly with breath and release full breaths.

Remember: Abundance comes in many ways including more time, energy, ideas, love, and prosperity.

Visualize: Imagine a landscape full of lush foliage. See a clearing in the forest before you and imagine a meadow covered in lush green grass and wildflowers. Feel a soft cool breeze on your cheek, and see yourself walk through the clearing. Sense the earth and grass beneath your feet. Imagine a clear sky and feel warm energy from the sun enveloping your body. Beyond the woods, you see a crystal clear lake. Walk towards the lake, and slowly step into the clear pure water. Feel the purifying and cleansing cool water on your skin. Emerge yourself in the cleansing water. See the water envelop you body, head, and feet. See the water washing away your fears, your outmoded beliefs, your conditioned limitations, and watch it wash away any feelings of lack. See the water wash away all of these negative emotions and beliefs leaving you with a sense of openness and clarity. Once clear, turn your attention to clear affirmations for abundance.

I open myself to receive Divine Abundance.
I choose and accept abundance into my life.
I am prosperous in wealth, I am prosperous in love, I am prosperous in health.
I am worthy to receive the abundance of universe.

Duration: 10 minutes

Mala Beads that support the intentions of this meditation include moss agategreen aventurine, and jade.