Faithful Amethyst Mala Bracelet


The Faithful Mala Bracelet is made from lovely light amethyst mala beads. Gorgeous AA grade freshwater pearls and 925 sterling silver.

This Mala is best for:
Connecting to the Divine, protection, cleansing, faithfulness of lovers, purity of heart.

Recommended Mantra:

Hari Om Tat Sat


Crown Chakra

Designer Notes:

Amethyst is the gemstone associated with the Buddha in Tibet. This is an ideal choice for the wedding that is honoring or integrating Buddhist tradition. Designed for bridesmaids or brides, made of a lovely light amethyst and AA grade freshwater pearls with 925 sterling silver.

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About The Meaning of Amethyst

Amethyst is a gemstone for connecting to the Divine and higher consciousness. It inspires faith, devotion, and patience. Amethyst is the gemstone of St. Valentine, who is said to have worn an amethyst ring with an engraving of cupid. This ring was worn by St. Valentine during nuptial ceremonies to bring faithfulness to lovers. Amethyst renews the spirts when one is exhausted, cleanses the energy field, protects from negative energies, and is excellent for maintaining balance. Finally, this gemstone is useful for developing intuition, insight, and clairvoyance.

About Pearls

Valuable pearls are a favorite in bridal jewelry. This tradition finds its origins in Hinduism, when Krishna adorned his daughter in pearls on her wedding day. Significantly, pearls stand for love, purity of heart, loyalty, and faith. Wearing pearls in important ceremonies is common across cultures. They offer an energy of calmness and purity.

When to Choose this Amethyst Bracelet?

This is a beautiful bridesmaids gift. A soft lavender color, that is elegant with both light or dark color themes. It will keep the circle closest to the bride connected to the Divine and balanced with positive energy.  Amethyst is the stone of the Buddha in Tibet, and is considered especially powerful in the form of prayer beads. It is perfect for the wedding honoring Buddhist beliefs and practice. Finally, the recommended mantra for this mala bracelet calls in the energy of the Divine and enlightenment.

Mantra for Working with the Faithful Bracelet

Hari Om Tat Sat

This mala is designed to connect with the Divine. As such, they compliment the Hari Om Tat Sat Mantra. This Sanskrit mantra is found in verse 17.23 of the Bhagavad Gita and invokes the supreme absolute being, all truth, reality, and all that belongs to God. Also, amethyst is a gemstone for releasing addictions. This mantra is perfect for working with an amethyst mala as it invokes liberation from untruth into pure consciousness and wholeness.

Product Dimensions

Number of Mala Beads: 21
Meditation Marker Beads: None
Size of Mala Beads: 8 mm
Bracelet Size: 7″
Gemstones: Amethyst and Freshwater Pearls
Metal: Sterling Silver
Product ID: 210820181

Also, this bracelet comes with a lovely mala bag. Includes a gemstone property card.

Care for this Bracelet

Use pearls in japa meditation on special occasions. Pearls require extra care to maintain their quality and luster over time. In addition, you should always store your pearl mala in the pearl mala bag provided with your purchase. Never store your pearls in plastic. Also, you should also take care not to submerge your pearls in water and follow the last item on, first item off rule, avoiding contact with perfumes.

Finally, please contact us if you have any questions.