OM Yoga Ring


The OM Yoga Ring is made from sterling silver and features an OM.

This yoga jewelry is best for:
Mindful attention to cosmic principles and oneness of all.

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OM Yoga Ring – Sterling Silver OM

This elegant ring is made from 0.925 sterling silver. This ring features an OM, making it a perfect symbol of the scared interconnections of universe.

The OM is a sacred symbol and sound of the ultimate reality. A symbol of Brahma, cosmic principles, and the oneness of all.

Graceful and elegant, this ring is light to wear with a beautiful focus point.

As an adjustable ring, this piece of yoga jewelry adjusts to fit all.

An elegant piece of yoga jewelry that can be worn on or off the mat. Keep it with you throughout the day as a reminder of your intentions and yoga practice.

Product Dimensions

Ring Size: Adjustable, one size fits all
Style: Modern Elegant, Boho Chic, Dainty
Metal: 0.925 Sterling silver

Product ID: 806

About the Yoga Ring Design

The design of this ring was selected during the summer solstice of 2016. The ring was selected deliberately for its symbolism of the OM. It is well proportioned, and it offers a graceful focus point. Made with the highest quality 0.925 sterling silver. The colors of this yoga ring is elegant and pretty. Excellent for mindful attention to your yoga intentions and affirmations. Learn more about the symbolism of the lotus.

We wish you peace and enlightenment as you go forward in deepening your practice.

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