Lace Aquamarine Earrings A Grade


This limited edition earring set is made with A grade aquamarine and stunning sterling silver.

Gemstone Earrings for:
Calming, peace, serenity, connecting with the Divine Feminine



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The Symbolism of the Lace Aquamarine Earrings

These aquamarine earrings feature a beautiful lace lotus leaf motif. In a baroque style, with beautiful intricate details in the silver work. Aquamarine is the gemstone of the Divine goddess, symbolic of nourishment, calmness, and the life giving ocean.  A perfect pair of aquamarine earrings, symbolic of rebirth and calmness through change, the ability to see beauty emerging even through hardship. Aquamarine is a gemstone of courage and enhances one’s ability to remain calm, stay cool, and work with others.

When to Choose These Aquamarine Earrings?

We recommend this piece as a symbol staying calm and collected, even amid challenge. These aquamarine earrings are prefect for the practitioner who wishes to bring aquamarine into their daily practice with an economical choice. Finally, it is also a perfect choice for someone who needs faith in expressing their truth and reconciling differences with others with ease.

A gorgeous pair of earrings that are lovely and feminine.

Product Dimensions

Grade: A grade aquamarine

Size of Mala Beads: 8 mm
Metal: 925 Sterling Silver

Butterfly backing
Drop length: 24 Millimeters

Also, each piece comes with a soft cloth jewelry pouch to protect your jewelry from abrasive objects of a pearl storage quality. A note card explaining the properties of the aquamarine gemstones is also included.

Quality and Design

Absolutely stunning silver work, that looks like lace, is matched with aquamarine, for a classically elegant pair of earrings. Perfect for special occasions and everyday wear. All of our jewelry is high quality, long lasting, and handmade in Canada. All of or gemstones are cleansed using natural quartz that is the actual earth foundation of our studio and home, charged during a full moon, and blessed with reiki.

Finally, please contact us if you have any questions.