Purity of Heart Pearl Necklace


Purity of Heart Pearl Necklace is made from a single AA grade freshwater pearl mala beads. 925 sterling Italian chain.

This necklace is best for:
Faith, hope, purity of heart, love, devotion, and seeing the beauty in the ebb and flow of life.

Recommended Mantra:

Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya



Designer Notes:

Minimalist, modern, elegant, and delicate. This pearl necklace is perfect for the bride that wants a spiritual piece of jewelry that is modern. Princess length style is perfect for many bridal necklines including strapless, boat neck, scoop, and off the neck styles. A timeless style that can be worn for a lifetime day or night.


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Pearl Necklace Symbolizing a Continuous Circle

The delicate and subtle pearl necklace is made of a single perfectly round AA grade freshwater pearl. The use of round beads in a mala is a tradition that dates back over 7,000 years. The round bead is symbolic of a continuous circle, representing the wheel of life. In Hinduism, a perfect circle is a reminder of the endless fluidity, continuation and order of the universe. In Buddhism, the continuous circle represents the wheel of Dharma and reincarnation, symbolizing the continual flow of life from birth, life, death and rebirth.

This pearl necklace is a princess length, around 17″, making it ideal to wear with a bridal gown with a scoop, square, off the neck, or strapless neckline. It sits just below the collar bones at an elegant length that is comfortable and suits a variety of styles. It is a prefect alternative to the full malas our bridal collection, and is for the bride who wants a style that is subtle, minimalist, and delicate. Significantly, this pearl necklace is also a wonderful addition to a standard classic wardrobe, allowing you to wear a sacred piece of jewelry with absolute discretion. Importantly, this necklace can be worn with any outfit, for a statement piece of high quality jewelry that is also spiritual.

About Pearl Necklaces for Brides

Pearls are one of the most valued gems in the world. Before the 1900s, these gems were only found naturally, by opening thousands and thousands of oysters through diving. Now, freshwater pearls are more readily available. The historic rarity of pearls made them a signature piece of jewelry for special occasions and for a statement of refinement. The pearl teaches us to appreciate the beauty that emerges form the ebb and flow and life. It is a symbol of faith, innocence, and loyalty. The notion that pearls should be worn by brides, has its origin in Hinduism. The first historical reference to pearls as an appropriate piece of bridal jewelry is found in the tale where Krishna adorns his daughter in pearls on her wedding day.

When to Choose This Pearl Necklace?

We recommend this piece when the symbolism of purity of heart, loyalty, and devotion is desired in a simple but elegant style. If you desire an elegant and modern piece of jewelry, this is the perfect choice in our bridal collection.

Mantra for Working with Pearls

Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya

This mantra accepts the Divine order as pure and perfect. It is a mantra of faith and trust. In my mind, it is the mantra of eternal pure love, as it is a surrender to God.  Moreover, it is the mantra of the true self, the soul and a devotion to its journey in this lifetime and reminds that you are not body or mind but that you are spiritual being, eternal in your nature. Finally, my favorite version of this mantra is a recording by Deva Premal and Miten.

Product Dimensions

Number of Mala Beads: 1
Meditation Marker Beads: none
Size of Pendant: 8 mm
Length: 17″ chain length (total length, sits just below the collar bones)
Gemstones: Cultured Freshwater Pearls
Metal accent: 925 Sterling Silver
Chain: 925 Italian Sterling Silver
Product ID: 210820182

Also, each piece comes with a soft cloth jewelry pouch to protect your jewelry from abrasive objects of a pearl storage quality. Pearl property note card is included.

Care for Pearls

Maintain the luster of this high quality 925 sterling silver chain with regular polishing, using a silver polishing cloth. Pearls require extra care to maintain their quality and luster over time. In addition, you should always store your pearl mala in the pearl mala bag provided with your purchase. Never store your pearls in plastic. Also, you should also take care not to submerge your pearls in water and follow the last item on, first item off rule, avoiding contact with perfumes.

Finally, please contact us if you have any questions.