Prayer Mala Bracelet


Mala bracelet made from black onyx with a 925 sterling silver mantra guru

This Mala is best for:
Times of sorrow and difficulty. Offers strength, stamina, vitality, grounding, and exerts a calming influence

Recommended Mantra:

Om Mani Padme Hum


Root Chakra

Designer Notes:

One of my favorite gemstones to give as gift when a loved one is going through hard times. Made with a mantra to offer as a prayer of hope to those in need of loving support and stability. 925 sterling silver. A grade black onyx.

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About The Healing and Meditative Powers of Black Onyx

This mala features striking black onyx and is designed for times of challenge. These mala beads are ideal for support during times of sorrow or struggle. This is a gemstone of strength and courage. Significantly, it is perfect for grounding and staying focuses during challenging times. Designed with a mantra, as a prayer of hope and resolve when life is difficult.

This is my favorite gemstone to give when a person is challenged by life. Significantly, it is a protective gemstone, and is excellent for decision making. Black onyx allows the wearer to make decisions from a strong sense of self and stability. Specifically, black onyx is ideal for difficult times when making choices can seem challenging. Finally, this mala bracelet is excellent for opening the root chakra and willpower.

About Black Onyx Mala Beads

Black onyx is a gemstone for calming and stability. It is ideal for persistence and confidence in times of difficulty. Black onyx offers strength, resolve, action, and self-mastery. As such it is a perfect gemstone to wear for vitality during taxing times.

Black onyx enhances endurance and persistence. It is an important gemstone to wear when life is dreary and difficult tasks need to be completed. It is a perfect choice during times of grief, illness, and dis-empowerment. Furthermore, black onyx will restore your sense of resolve, your passion to see things through, and your confidence in yourself. Finally, this gemstone is useful for any task requiring discipline, and will dispel anxiety, temper tantrums, and nervousness.

You should cleanse and charge your mala four times a year. To cleanse this mala place it in a bowl of dried rice overnight. Importantly, recharge black onyx in sunlight.

When to Choose a Black Onyx Mala Bracelet?

These mala beads are perfect when you need grounding, when nervous energy is high, or when you feel depleted. I love to gift this gemstone during times of illness, loss, or professional difficulties. It is also a favorite of students trying to complete hard exams or athletes trying reach new physical goals. Because black onyx encourages discipline and enhances mental ability, it is also excellent for new business owners.  The grounding frequency of this gemstone, resonates with feeling supported, safe, and secure. Finally, the recommended mantra for this mala bracelet is connected to staying focused on the greater meaning of all life.

Mantra for Working with the Prayer Mala Bracelet

Om Mani Padme Hum

This is the mantra etched into the sterling silver guru bead. It is the most common mantra in Buddhism and recited and the begining and end of most prayers, meditation sits, and ceremonies. This mantra is believe to open the the thousand petal lotus at the crown of the head. Significantly, this is the mantra of enlightenment. If one were only to repeat this mantra 100,000 times in a lifetime it is thought that enlightenment can be achieved.

Product Dimensions

Number of Mala Beads: 21
Meditation Marker Beads: None
Size of Mala Beads: 8 mm
Bracelet Size: 6.5″
Gemstones: Black Onyx
Metal: Sterling Silver
Product ID: 2603182

Also, this mala comes with a lovely mala bag. A note card explaining the properties of the mala beads is included.


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