Something Blue Aquamarine Mala Bracelet


Mala bracelet made from AAA grade aquamarine with a 925 sterling silver and double pearl guru

This Mala is best for:
Calming, soothing, inner peace, love, purity of heart, and loyalty

Recommended Mantra:

Om Shanti Om


Throat Chakra

Designer Notes:

Designed for brides, this mala bracelet is a perfect gift of something blue. It is made of superior quality aquamarine and has a rare double freshwater pearl, symbolic of two becoming one. 925 sterling silver accents.

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About The Healing and Meditative Powers of Aquamarine

This gorgeous mala bracelet features incredible AAA grade aquamarine and is designed for brides. Wearing blue on a wedding day is a tradition that comes from Britain. Blue is considered a color of purity, love, and fidelity, in the custom of wearing it on a wedding day. Aquamarine is one of the most beautiful blues and this gemstone resonates with what a bride would need on her wedding day. It offers and energy of peace, calmness, and connection to the Divine feminine.

This is my favorite gemstone to give when a person needs to remain centered and needs to keep anxiety at bay. Significantly, it is a gemstone of clear communication, and is excellent for verbalizing vows of love. Aquamarine is cooling and  allows the wearer to remain calm and collected regardless of the situation. Finally, this mala bracelet is excellent for opening the throat chakra.

About the Double Pearl Guru

Since ancient times, brides have worn pearls as a symbol of purity. Just as many brides today wear a white dress, pearls have been worn across cultures as a symbol of purity during important ceremonies.  Before 1900, there were no cultured pearls, and the only way to acquire these gems was through diving and opening oysters. As such, pearls were exceptionally rare and valuable, a gem reserved for special occasions and royalty. Double pearls are less common then single pearls, and are perfect choice for a union of love, as they are two pearls in one. Oysters make pearls naturally, as water and debris ebbs and flows through the shell. As such, pearls are symbolic of the beauty that emerges from the ebb and flow of life. The pearl is also a symbol of innocence, faith and integrity. Finally, pearls are associated with sincerity, truth, loyalty and purity of heart.

When to Choose this Aquamarine Mala Bracelet?

This mala bracelet is perfect for a wedding. It is also excellent for anyone who needs calming, peace, and purity of heart. This is a lovely wedding gift for a bride who needs something blue to wear on her wedding day. I love to gift this gemstone to women. It is excellent for connecting to the Divine Feminine and one’s inner knowing. The double pearl is a symbolic guru representing the union of two into one.  Finally, the recommended mantra for this mala bracelet is excellent for remaining peaceful during what can be a hectic yet joyous occasion.

Mantra for Working with the Something Blue Bracelet

Om Shanti Om

This is the mantra is an invocation for inner and outer peace. It is one of the most common mantras in Buddhism and recited and the beginning and end of most prayers, meditation sits, and ceremonies. It also symbolically represents prayers for peace in the individual, collective, and universe. Also, a collection of mantras for inner peace are available at Meditative Mind. This mantra is perfect for working with aquamarine mala beads as it invokes a feeling of pure peace. Finally, this lovely mantra closes traditional Buddhist devotional ceremonies.

Product Dimensions

Number of Mala Beads: 27
Meditation Marker Beads: None
Size of Mala Beads: 6 mm
Bracelet Size: 7″
Gemstones: Aquamarine and Freshwater Pearls
Metal: Sterling Silver
Product ID: 160820181

Also, this mala comes with a lovely pearl bag. A note card explaining the properties of the mala beads is included.

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