Tiger Eye Gemstones

Tiger eye gemstones are excellent for the holiday season

Why Tiger Eye Gemstones are best for the Holidays

Are you looking for a gemstone to keep you balanced? Optimistic? Fully present for the joy and peace of the holiday season? Tiger eye gemstones are perfect for this time of year. They offer balance, wellness, vitality, and optimism. Read more to find out how using tiger eye in your yoga practice can help you make the most of this time of year.

1) Balance

Tiger eye is know to balance polarities. It is a gemstone for balancing the lower chakras. In doing so, tiger eye provides an energy of vitality to the soul. Known as a gemstone of the Golden Ray, tiger eye gemstones offer balance between extremes, a sense of grounding, and a sense of health.

2) Harmony

Tiger eye is known as the ideal stone for seeing the perspectives of others. It is a negotiators gemstone, and aids in soothing tempers. Tiger eye promotes harmony within the body and without. It harmonizes energies between people and is a gemstone for compromise. Furthermore tiger eye gemstones reduce anxiety, especially in social situations. If you are interacting with many energies over the holiday season, tiger eye gemstones will help you maintain a sense of harmony. Tiger eye is a gemstone of insight, and helps the wearer see the truth of circumstances or environments.

3) Protection

Tiger eye gemstones are believe to protect the wearer from the energies of others. Tiger eye has been since ancient Egypt to call in the energy of Ra, the sun God, for protecting the wearer with the energy of the Sun and the Earth. During the holidays it is hard to stay on track with healthy eating, regular exercise and healthy routines for the body and soul. Importantly, tiger eye gemstones boost will power, aid in working on lifestyle changes, and reduce cravings for binges, wrong foods, and alcohol.

4) Optimism

It is the end of another year, and tiger eye is a gemstone that helps maintain a sense of hope for the future. Tiger eye gemstones instill the wearer with a sense of optimism even in the face of adversity. A gemstone to wear when you need to maintain hope, reduce comparison, and have a sense of contentment. Furthermore, its golden color keeps one within the Golden Ray, sparking optimism, enthusiasm, and hope.

5) Enjoyment of Simple Pleasures

Among one of tiger eye gemstones’ greatest gifts is its ability to help us enjoy the simple things in life. For example, spending time with family, watching snow fall, sitting by the fire, the comfort of warm a home, and gratitude for good food. If you want to wake up grateful for each day and grateful for your life, turn to tiger eye. Its warm energy will help move a feeling of grounding into your heart center, filling the energy body with warm gratitude.

We have many beautiful mala beads made from tiger eye. For example, the Golden Dragon Mala, is made from 108 tiger eye gemstones and is often used to promote balance. Another option is the Balance Mala Bracelet, which will help remind you of the goal of staying balance and in harmony with your body and soul.

Golden Dragon Mala Beads

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