Salt Spring Malas Yin Yoga and Jade Mala BeadsYin Yoga offers anyone the chance to receive the full introspective and relaxing benefits of yoga without the physical exertion of a Hatha yoga practice. Poses are held for 2-5 minutes, allowing for moderate stress, to open the body to allow for release. It is a slow-paced yoga style, where meditation, awareness, and inner silence open the yogi or yogini to the benefits of practice. Based, on the Taosist concepts of yin and yang, yin practice is considered the feminine moon-side of yoga.

What you’ll need: Bolster, yoga mat, blanket, and meditation timer (optional, but useful for knowing how long poses should be held for)

How: Choose the amount of time, and then begin the pose. Commit to stillness in the pose, and be willing to feel sensations in your body. Hold a compassionate space for yourself, and practice tolerance of the sensations or emotions that arise. Gradually deepen your breath and the pose, but always remember that maintaining a deep breath is more important than finding your edge.

Duration: Take a 30 minute break to turn inward and relax

Poses: Five Yin Poses

  • Butterfly Pose
  • Saddle Pose (bolster required)
  • Seal Pose or Sphinx Pose
  • Full Forward Bend (bolster optional)
  • Child’s Pose
  • End in Savansana (corpse pose)

If you enjoyed this practice, try a longer one on YouTube with Jennifer Raye