mala beads broken should they be fixed

Should broken mala beads be fixed or is it time to let them go?

What should you do when your mala breaks?

Some say that the breaking of a mala is symbolic of a breakthrough in karma. The idea that your mala breaking connects to breaking a karmic cycle, opening the opportunity for you to set new intentions and start a new focus in your yoga or meditation practice. Others believe that  the breaking of a mala has been said to be a symbolic reminder of the impermanence of all things, teaching the practitioner to let go of attachments.

Mala beads breaking may offer you an opportunity to reflect on the circumstances that led to the mala beads breaking, or may offer you an opportunity to observe your own reactions, and while these beliefs may be true, mala beads should not break often.

Good quality mala beads can last for years. I have made thousands of malas for thousands of people and breakage rates are low on quality yoga jewelry that are worn with care.

If you purchased mala beads only to have them break on you soon thereafter, this is indication of poor quality. Our mala beads are very high quality and made from the highest quality components. That’s why we offer repairs on mala beads purchased from our studio.

If you purchased mala beads from another company, send it to us, and we will give you 15% off on your first Salt Spring Malas & Yoga Jewelry purchase. Contact us for details.

If your mala beads made in our studio ever break, we will repair it  and energetically cleanse your gemstones. We guarantee the quality of our mala beads and make them to last.