Sometimes creative energy flows freely and at other times starting or continuing a creative project can be challenging. No matter what your creative aspirations are, there are a number of mala beads, yoga practices, and meditations that can help you tap into an endless creative flow of inspiration to put into creative projects and mediums.

Yoga for Creativity

Tantra discusses how association with a deity can aid in the process of enlightenment and transcendence of the ego-self. If you are seeking inspiration and support in the areas of creativity, knowledge, and wisdom, Saraswati is a goddess to which you might call on. Saraswati is the Hindu Goddess of creativity, wisdom, knowledge, music, and nature. As the Goddess of everything that flows, especially water, she is usually depicted as a beautiful woman, with four arms, seated on a white lotus or white swan, with a musical instrument. Yoga practices devoted to the presence of Saraswati will focus on encouraging the flow of energy through the physical and energetic body. A sequence with four sun salutation, one for each of her arms, that includes cobra, pigeon, hanumanasana, janu sirsasana, and supta padangusthasana can unlock the flow of energy. One excellent and moderate practice to try if you would like to tap into your creative potential by calling on Saraswati is offered by My Yoga Online.

Meditation for Creativity

In Hindu and tantric traditions the chakras are energy points in the subtle body. Creativity is held in the second chakra and inspiration and imagination live in the sixth charka. Meditations to clear the energy body can aid in unblocking creative and imaginative energies. While these are always useful, visual meditation is another powerful approach to opening the third eye (sixth chakra). Visual meditation can provide your mind with mental images and impressions that can concentrate your focus on that which you most wish to create or put your energy towards. In a free flowing visual meditation, boundaries and barriers are removed allowing you to see the full potential of your creative energy. One excellent meditation is the Artist’s Room by Lilian Eden. This meditation offers artist’s and creative people a guided visual meditation that can open the channel to creative energy, providing both inspiration and means for actualization.

Mala Beads for Creativity and Inspiration

Finally, there are a number of gemstone mala beads that are believed to aid in the creative process in a number of ways. Pyrite mala beads are excellent for meditation and yoga practices dedicated to creativity. Pyrite aids in establishing a can-do attitude, and stimulates creativity in art, math, sculpture, science and other disciplines. It increases mental clarity and focus. Pyrite stimulates the solar plexus chakra, and as such can allow for creative energy from the second chakra to move upward into the spiritual body through the heart. Carnelian mala beads are also excellent for stimulating creativity. Carnelian aids creative energy flow by stimulating the second chakra. It aids in overcoming hesitation and can bring an influx of life force that can find its expression through creative expressions and art. Finally, fire agate mala beads are excellent for creative and inspirational energy. This gemstone also stimulates the second chakra, it can intensify emotion, inspire creativity, and increase passion. It is believe to light the inner fires of life force and creativity, and instills a zest for life.