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Mala Beads for Love and the Heart

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As we approach Valentine’s Day, we have been receiving many questions regarding which mala beads are the best for love.  There are many wonderful mala beads that can help bring love into your life or help heal the heart. Here we will look at some of the most common concerns around love and the mala beads that can help keep you focused on your intentions as you celebrate (or encounter) Valentine’s Day this year. Whether you are looking for romantic love, recovering from heart break, or on the path to compassion and spiritual heart healing, there are mala beads to help support a range of affirmations all for love, in its broadest sense.

Mala Beads for Love- Rose Quartz

Rose quartz mala beads are the best gemstone mala beads to use if you would like all forms of love in your life.  Rose quartz is a gemstone for love, gentleness, emotional healing, release of stress, and connecting with the heart (fourth) chakra.  In ancient Greece, rose quartz was considered a stone for reconciliation in love from the myth of Adonis and Aphrodite. In Roman times it was a gift given to symbolize love among Roman youth. Often called ‘the heart stone’, rose quartz is a gemstone for reconciliation, the blossoming of love and friendship, and a healing gemstone for those who have been wounded by love as it can help reawaken trust.  It is believed to support the heart in recovering from trauma and aids in releasing past wounds. Rose quartz is a gemstone of total and pure love, and is said to provide love for oneself, one’s partner, children, family, friends, community, and all that exists.  There are a number of mala beads made from rose quartz in our collection, which include the True Love Mala NecklaceRose Mala Beads, and the Lotus Mala Bead Bracelet.

Mala Beads for Opening the Heart Chakra – Jade

During this time of year, it is also popular to turn our yoga practice to opening the heart chakra. Green jade is one of the best gemstones for opening the heart chakra. Green jade mala beads can be used as a spiritual aid to open the heart, as well as open the body to joy, and encourage non-material attachment in the world.  Jade mala beads are believed to provide a free flowing sense of well-being and provide balance and harmonization in the heart chakra. If you are looking for a practice for the heart chakra, you can join the My Yoga Online challenge for February 2014 which is an 8 day program focused on the Anahata Chakra. A gemstone of loving-kindness, green jade is often used to respond gently and with compassion to those who are being difficult. Green jade is also a gemstone that was historically used in ancient China to spiritually unite lovers. Symbolically, in ancient China, a green jade butterfly was given by a groom to his bride as a symbol of faithful and eternal love.   There are a number of mala beads made from jade in our collection, which include Anahata Mala Beads and the Heart Chakra Mala Bracelet.

Mala Beads for Compassion- Amazonite

Amazonite mala beads are a wonderful choice for those practitioners working on compassion. Amazonite is believed to help one act with courage and determination to do good in the world. It reduces anger and irritability, and is connected to both the heart chakra and throat chakra. As such, it is also a gemstone used for communication and expressing one’s deepest truth. Amazonite is believed to help the energy body to heal from any trauma, and it is a stone of harmony within the self and among people. By stimulating the heart chakra, amazonite is believe to awaken compassion in the heart.  The Pacific Heart Mala Necklace, is one of our newest designs, and is made from amazonite mala beads.

Mala Beads for Healing the Heart – Rosewood

In the case of wooden prayer beads, the healing properties of the mala beads is associated with their scent. As you use and wear wood mala beads, the smell will be enhanced and revitalized with each use.  Rosewood has a light scent, and in Ayurveda the scent of rosewood is used for releasing nervous tension and for aiding in regeneration. Rosewood mala beads are believed to aid in spiritual healing and the healing of the heart chakra. Rosewood is often associated with improving compassion, helping one develop loving-kindness, and also providing the wearer with an overall sense of nourishment. The Kamadeva Mala Beads Bracelet Stack is made from rosewood mala beads, and is named after the Hindu God of Love.

We wish you a Valentine’s Day full of love.